What we offer

Our professional expertise includes Project Management, Engineering & Construction, Forestry & Environmental services and Marine Construction. From Concept to Completion, we listen carefully to our clients and develop and safely implement custom-made solutions.

Project Management

Landmark’s “sweet spot” is managing projects from Concept to Completion. This allows us to better understand our client’s needs and then design, develop and deliver the project on time and to client expectation. Our management and supervisory personnel have a broad, collective experience which allows for safe, efficient and timely completion of any-sized project.

Engineering & Construction

When we hear clients ask, “How are we going to do that?”, it's the Landmark cue to start thinking of an innovative way to solve a resource challenge. Working with industry-leading partners, Landmark looks to improve upon traditional solutions for each unique crossing, structure or environmental enhancement. We take the opportunity to learn from past projects, modify our approach as needed and deliver new and unique solutions.

Forestry & Environmental

When we incorporated in 1999, forestry was our main focus. Over the years, our expertise in forest management and engineering has expanded to include environmental assessments, ecosystem restoration as well as fuel modification. Landmark works with First Nations, private land holders, Woodlot owners and forest products companies to identify profitable harvest opportunities and to develop operational plans to safely, efficiently and sustainably harvest this renewable resource.

The Landmark team loves to be in the great outdoors and we want to look after our natural environment. That means that we understand and respect the laws that protect and conserve resource values in BC and Alberta. It also means that we look for innovative ways to restore impacted ecosystems and habitat. With the goal of managing soil and water, Landmark draws on the expertise of its people to enhance resource values.


Landmark designs, fabricates and installs full-service marinas in western Canada for clients requiring heavy duty, low maintenance, commercial infrastructure. We also construct boat ramps, retrofit existing marinas and provide on-barge pile driving and ongoing maintenance services.