While we believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility, we also believe that it is Landmark’s duty to lead the way in safety awareness. At Landmark, safety matters because everyone of our employees matter. Their families matter and our
communities matter. This is why we will never let up when it comes to working hard at building a strong safety culture.
We are committed to creating an environment and mindset where the safety of every member at Landmark
is above everything else we do. We want to make sure people go home safely every day.
Landmark’s promise to lead the way in safety is something we believe in and are committed to.

Written safety procedures, supervisor safety training, hazard training briefings, ongoing safety observations, tailgate meetings and
peer reviews are just some of the ways that help us to continuously improve our safety performance and keep everyone accountable. Our clients appreciate our unwavering dedication to safety awareness and we are proud
of the reputation Landmark has earned. It is our goal to continue this legacy of being
a company with an outstanding safety record while providing quality work in everything we do.

Landmark is SAFE Certified, holds COR Alberta and COR BC certification and is a member of ISNETWORLD. Our knowledge of and commitment to safety in ever changing conditions, allows us to customize our safety systems to meet the unique requirements of a variety of clients and not compromise our safety performance. We continue to promote the message that safety matters
and we will continue to lead the way in safety awareness so that everyone wins when it comes to safety!