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Southern BC

In response to a Request for Proposals, Landmark entered into a contract with MFLNRO to upgrade and stabilize approximately 140 m of the West Pavilion FSR, just outside of Lillooet. The project involved the removal of an aging retaining wall, replacement of two failing retaining walls and the widening of the road to improve road user safety.

Given the safety concerns relating to an unstable, exposed bank, and the width requirement for the upgraded road, a steel sheet pile wall was designed for both the cut and the fill slopes. For the section below the road, H piles were sharpened and driven using a vibratory side-grip pile driver. The piles were spaced to receive sections of sheet pile, which were reinforced with steel walers and “deadmen” anchors. The road was reconstructed in lifts of geosynthetic fabric and compacted fill to capture the benefits of GRS construction techniques. Guardrails were added and attached to the sheetpile. The timber crib wall above the road was removed in sections to allow the H piles to be driven to depth while the adjacent bank was retained. Sheet pile sections included two walers to reinforce the sheets. A ditch was established and armoured with course material recovered using the rock sifting bucket. The final step was to grade and compact the road. A small GRS wall was also constructed and a section of no post barriers added to improve road safety.

Another successful project done in collaboration with Terratech Consulting Ltd.