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Village of Nakusp

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In the spring of 2012, the Village of Nakusp sought proposals for the design and construction of a 36 metre-long clear span replacement structure over Kuskanax Canyon, a popular attraction in the Village of Nakusp, near the Nakusp Hot Springs.  Landmark was retained for the construction phase of the project in 2013,

The former bridge had a load limit that restricted use to a few people at a time.  The bridge also required a supply line for the natural hot springs.  Access constraints and the associated technical challenges required innovative practices to launch and secure the new structure.  An interim engineered structure, designed to support the launch of the superstructure is slid across the original structure and supported by wooden cribs.

The Hot Springs supply line was incorporated into the bridge design.  Footings were poured adjacent to the original bridge. The new superstructure was pivoted on one end at a time to allow final placement on the concrete footings. Due to access constraints, the concrete footing on the far side was hand poured, bucket by bucket.  As the timber construction commenced, the interim structure was then removed and the original bridge dissassembled.  The supply line was then connected and the flow restored.

The project was completed safely and is a featured attraction for the Village of Nakusp.  It is used year round by sight seers and hikers looking to access the local network of trails.

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