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NE Alberta

This project involved the construction of a 16.5m arch culvert to replace an aging two lane bridge with poor vertical alignment on Kirby Road.  A bypass road and temporary, timber-pile-supported bridge was constructed to provide 24/7 access along this high-traffic resource road during arch construction.

Sheet pile was driven and soils excavated to design depth with accommodation of an existing fibre-optic line.  Poor foundation soils required installation of a timber pile-supported load transfer platform to support the structure.  Well points were used to manage site water and prevent saturation of foundation soils during construction.  A rock layer provided a capillary break to prevent vertical movement of ground water.  Precast concrete footings were placed on a compacted GRS foundation and pre-assembled arch rings attached to the embedded steel channel.  GRS backfill, complete with anchor rods ensures the arch shape is maintained during and post-construction. GRS headwalls and wing-walls were constructed to retain compacted fill and provide design road width. Once final grade was achieved, guardrails were attached and disturbed areas protected with coco-mat and grass seed.

With the road grade significantly improved, the road was returned to full service with a long term, low maintenance structure.

Another successful project done in collaboration with Terratech Consulting Ltd.  Photo contributions by Landmark and Altus Group.