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Apache Canada Ltd.

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NW Alberta

Landmark was contracted to replace two existing culverts, which acted as fish barriers on South Tony Creek, near Fox Creek, AB. Trout Unlimited Canada and Apache Canada Ltd. both identified this crossing as a regional priority to reestablish fish habitat in this stream.  An open-bottomed, geosynthetic reinforced soil (GRS) arch culvert was chosen to improve habitat and maintain road width and alignment.   The project, on a busy resource road, required a temporary bridge, creek bypass, and the reconstruction of the creek.  The project included the construction of a sheet pile coffer dam, timber pile supported footings for the temporary bridge, sheet pile scour wall for the new creek channel as well as the construction of a medium sized Super-Cor Arch (10.1m span, 5.0m height and 25.2m length).  The creek was constructed with cobbles and boulders with sand washed in between.  With the removal of the barrier, fish now have access to more habitat within the South Tony Creek watershed.

Another successful project done in collaboration with Terratech Consulting Ltd.

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