Upper BX Creek Watershed Improvement

Landmark was awarded a contract for the restoration of Upper BX creek in Vernon, BC. Annual sedimentation infills this 1.2 km section of creek, raising the stream bottom elevation by over 1 meter in the past 10 years, creating annual flooding in urban areas. Fish were salvaged and BX Creek was dewatered using a pump around system. The channel was then widened and deepened to pre-1995 levels. Riparian habitat was maintained and enhanced with natural species of shrubs and herbs.

Landmark's project highlights included:

  • Safely completing the construction project on time and on budget.
  • Innovating a work plan that minimized disturbance to the natural ecosystem.
  • Utilizing specialized equipment designed to lessen the impact on the environment (Spyder hoe and tracked dumper).
  • Installation of a pedestrian bridge.
  • Interaction and education with public.