Nakusp Public Boat Launch

In 2013, Columbia Power Corporation (CPC) on behalf of BC Hydro contracted SCES to remove the deteriorating timber/pile supported boat ramp at Nakusp BC (Arrow Lake) and replace it with a concrete launch. The new concrete ramp is comprised of a combination of cast-in-place concrete and pre-cast panels. Working closely with local subcontractors, and suppliers, SCES continued to work with CPC to extend the length of the new ramp as reservoir levels permitted. Early in 2016, the final section of the ramp was completed.  The process utilized a barge, specialized equipment and divers to finish the job.  The boating public now has a ramp which can be used at all lake levels.


Another successful project by Splatsin Construction and Environmental Services LLP, a partnership between Landmark and Yucwmenlúcwu.