Mill Creek Stream and Habitat Restoration

In 2011, Landmark was tasked with the removal of sediment from Mill Creek and the restoration of pre-event bed load conditions. This followed an accidental release of sediment into the stream. Mill Creek is a local significant fish stream and bisects a heavily used Regional Park operated by the Central Okanagan Regional District.

Inside a 5-day window, Landmark installed a stream diversion and dewatering system at a heavy deposition area. Once the stream was dewatered, 35 m3 of sediment from ~200 meters of stream-bed was removed by a combination of manual labour (buckets and shovels) and through the judicious use of an environmentally sensitive Spyder Hoe. All collected sediment was first filter drained, then swung away from the stream bank and transported (skid-steer) 350 meters, via a public foot path, to a storage pile at the parking area.