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Our History

Established in the spring of 1999,

Landmark’s principal's began their careers in the BC forest industry where they collectively developed broad forest management experience in forest management, engineering and operations. In 1999, the company incorporated, giving opportunity to collaborate with other resource professionals on major projects throughout the southern interior of BC.

Recognizing that they had developed unique skills through the combination of their education, knowledge and experience, they expanded their focus from BC’s forest industry to other natural resource industries throughout western Canada, specializing in resource construction projects.

Landmark now proudly works for clients throughout western Canada offering services to First Nations, private industry and government in many natural resource industries including mining, oil and gas, forestry, tourism, and marine operations.

Our Leaders

Rob Udy

President, CEO

As president and CEO of Landmark, Rob provides strategic direction for the Construction and Natural Resources departments. For more than 25 years, Rob has provided consulting services in environmental, forestry and construction fields. His practical approach and thorough understanding of natural systems and construction methods make him an ideal leader in this growing business. The Landmark team now provides common sense solutions and reliable services to clients throughout western Canada.

Rob leads our group in the development of proposals and cost estimates for all quotations provided to Landmark clients.


Grant Sime, RPF

General Manager

As Landmark’s General Manager, Grant is a Registered Professional Forester with over 35 years of experience in the natural resources field and has worked with many of the forest licensees and manufacturers in the southern and central interior of British Columbia. As a former Woodlands Manager, Grant’s experience includes all aspects of budgeting, planning, forest operations and log marketing.

In addition to his role as General Manager, Grant leads the administration of Landmark’s Health and Safety Management Program and supports the Construction and Natural Resources departments in the role of Senior Project Manager and Harvesting Systems Advisor.


Mark Wallace

Construction Manager

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Mark has the background to plan, manage, and implement a wide range of construction projects for Landmark’s many clients in British Columbia and Alberta. In his role as Construction Manager, Mark ensures that employees and subcontractors have the necessary skills, training and tools needed to work safely and efficiently. Mark also functions as one of Landmark’s onsite Construction Supervisors and in this capacity, directs day to day crew and subcontractor activities to ensure that safety, environmental and quality standards are held high.


Steve Giesbrecht, RPF, BIT

Natural Resources Manager

Steve is a Registered Professional Forester with over 15 years of experience in natural resources management. Steve is the primary contact for all of Landmark’s forestry and natural resources clients and supports large and small tenure holders in managing their timber assets. Steve has a strong background in resource regulations and permitting policy which makes him a valuable contributor to a wide variety of Landmark projects. Steve leads a team of 20 professional and technical staff and advises on many construction projects.

Our Partners

Our Partners

In 2016, Woodland Spirit became part of the Landmark Group. Their expertise in environmental restoration, and utility and infrastructure repair are complementary to Landmark's traditional business. The Woodland Spirit equipment profile and operator expertise provides opportunities to work in remote areas on steep and sensitive sites. Landmark and Woodland Spirit have collaborated on projects where skillsets, equipment and expertise strengthen the delivery of construction solutions.

For many years, Landmark has collaborated with Terratech Consulting Ltd., a local engineering firm, on many of our construction projects. Together, Terratech and Landmark deliver innovative “out of the box” solutions, that are supported by sound engineering and geotechnical science. When we work together, Landmark’s operational creativity and construction experience combines well with Terratech’s innovative, practical engineering and industry recognized patents on a number of cost-effective construction techniques and related structural components. Working closely with our client, this partnership yields practical, cost-effective and site specific solutions for a wide range of resource industry challenges.

Landmark and YUCWMENLÚCWU (Caretakers of the Land LLP) have teamed up to join Splatsin Construction and Environmental Services LLP (SCES), a newly formed arm of the Splatsin Development Corporation. The two companies have worked closely on forestry, construction, and natural resource projects for many years, covering a broad range of activities including: forestry services, road works, bridge and culvert replacement, stream restoration, fish habitat complexing, boat launch and public facility construction, and a variety of other projects.

Landmark has been an ongoing supporter of the Evergreen Centre for Resource Excellence and Innovation. Founded in 2009, the Evergreen Centre was developed as a collaborative effort between community, industry and government to facilitate the collaboration and demonstration of innovative concepts, environmentally responsible solutions and best practices in the resource industry sectors (agriculture, oil/gas & forestry). Landmark plans to advance their “Pile Supported Road Construction” techniques at the Evergreen Centre in the spring of 2016.

We're always looking ... Come work with us.

Landmark is a full service consulting company located in Salmon Arm, B.C. We provide a broad array of services to natural resource industries including forestry, oil and gas, mining, marine, utilities and recreation. Landmark offers employees a competitive compensation package and an opportunity to expand their skills working in multiple natural resource disciplines.

If you’ve got what it takes to make our team stronger, then you should know that we’re always recruiting. Individuals seeking employment with Landmark are encouraged to send us a resume, complete with career objectives and we’ll look for a good fit.