Upper Vernon Creek Channel Recovery

Landmark was contracted to repair or replace sections of a concrete flume on Upper Vernon Creek, damaged by a high stream flow event in spring of 2017. This project involved the removal of some flume sections, and the restoration of a naturalized channel.

Prescriptions for four separate stream reaches were developed by others. Stream flow was isolated from the site using a sheet pile coffer dam and 10" diesel pumps to bypass the water. Some sections of flume were repaired and others completely removed. The stream channel was reshaped and a polyethelene liner installed to prevent subsurface flow from moving through the porous substrate.  Rock and gravel was imported and placed in the channel to provide a series of flow control and habitat features as well as scour protection.  Cobble and gravel was used to infill and lock the rock in place.

Next steps for this stream include the replacement of the existing concrete box culvert, removal of the remaining concrete flume sections and the naturalization of the remaining channel. Revegetation of the banks and adjacent riparian area is ongoing.