Drainage Water Treatment Plant Diffuser

This project involved the removal and replacement of the diffuser at the drainage water treatment plant for the Sullivan Mine in Kimberley, BC. 

Geotextile bags filled with cobble deflect the flow from the St. Mary River. Access mats provide equipment access to continue construction for the length of the work zone providing primary containment for the site.  Dewatering systems separate sediment-laden water from clean water and discharged in a manner to prevent scour. Sheet pile provides secondary containment for the excavation zone.  A sheet pile trench box restricts inflow of saturated sand. Following excavation, the 24" HDPE manifold is positioned 2m below the riverbed. Fourteen HDPE risers complete with Tideflex valves are installed prior to backfilling with rock and cobble. The concrete flow measurement building is modified to receive  24" HDPE which connects the treatment plant to the diffuser. The system is tested and in-river equipment and structures removed.  The river bank is armoured with riprap and the on-shore work site is restored. 

The project was completed over a 6 week period during low water.