Woodlot "Turn – Key" Management

Landmark works with several woodlot licencees and tailors its services to each licencee's individual requirements. Landmark services range from developing a single cutting permit to completing "turn-key" management for the licencee including accounting services for all forestry operations. Responsibilities include planning, development, permitting, log marketing, operations supervision, and silviculture. Through regular communication with the licencee, Landmark is able to manage the woodlot and fulfill the licensees' objectives.

Landmark's woodlot management highlights include:

  • In under 18 months, secured a 175ha top-up, increased their AAC by 50%, amended the Management Plan, and drafted and had approved a new Woodlot Licence Plan.
  • Successfully implemented a proactive strategy of preparing species specific cutting permits to quickly take advantage of market fluctuations.
  • Increased the efficiency of operations on the woodlot and transformed the woodlot from a liability to a valuable asset.